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RISING: Reflecting on Intelligent Systems In the Next Generation

Teaching and Learning Forum

Critical reflection as a tool to prepare and empower tomorrow's generation. Opening new perspectives and improving the world piece by piece.
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What is RISING?

Artificial intelligence accompanies our everyday life, it drives technical innovations and is increasingly becoming part of the educational world. Intelligent systems are often ascribed the competence of objective decision-making, however, numerous examples prove that these systems are created with the influence of our conscious and unconscious biases, among other things. The goal of the teaching and learning forum RISING is therefore to initiate reflection processes in all courses of study and to sensitize students to the social implications of prejudiced intelligent systems.

The teaching and learning forum RISING is part of the SRF IRIS (Excellence Initiative).

The benefit is that when students go into their profession, they are sensitized to this issue [stereotypes in technology development].

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Maria Wirzberger


The major goal to be achieved by RISING is a holistic implementation of the critical reflection of intelligent systems and their societal implications. In plain language, what impact can intelligent systems have on our society and where do they come from? How are they influenced? What makes them tick? What role do unconscious biases play in artificial intelligence and what does that mean for us?

Through digitalization, this topic now affects everyone and has become an unavoidable aspect of our everyday lives. That is why we, at the University of Stuttgart, want to sensitize our students to this and prepare them for a new future. Not only should their horizons be broadened but they should also gain new perspectives through reflection. This will ultimately bring about goal-oriented progress in their later (professional) environment and enable a new, inclusive and welcoming culture of togetherness, mindfulness and respect. 

These goals are to be achieved, for example, through various (teaching) offers on relevant topics. Here you can find the already offered events, seminars, lectures, etc. at a glance. Individual needs and new offers will also be covered and designed.

For the continuous development of reflective teaching methods, specific workshops for teachers are also planned, in which internationally renowned experts will be involved.

It is not only important for us to initiate and enable the reflection of intelligent systems for all, but of course the quality must also be ensured. Therefore, there will always be opportunities for feedback in the form of surveys on the different offerings.


Contact at rising@iris.uni-stuttgart.de


This image shows Tabea Berberena

Tabea Berberena


Scientific Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Forum RISING

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