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IRIS Research

IRIS Research in collaboration with ZIRIUS
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IRIS Research

IRIS research - in collaboration with ZIRIUS and all IRIS Members - focuses on the societal impacts of intelligent systems.

Research Topics in IRIS Include

  • Ethical and societal challenges of intelligent systems
  • Risks and benefits of automated decision-making in various fields of application
  • Participative/constructive technology assessment (p/cTA)
  • Scenarios analysing contexts and preconditions of the implementation of intelligent systems in society
  • Prerequisites for a socially desirable use of learning systems and autonomous decision support or decision-making
  • Responsible forms of Human-Computer-Interactions
  • Socioecological impacts of digitization
  • Limits and critical aspects of datafication, artificial intelligence, learning systems, and smartification

Accomplishments in IRIS Research

Artificial Intelligence & Society: Reflecting Intelligent Systems for Diversity, Demography, and Democracy (IRIS3D) - funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Research Council of the University of Stuttgart.

Prof. Dr. Steffen StaabJun.-Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Maria Wirzberger

The Answering Machine - funded by the Volkswagen Foundation in the funding line "Artificial Intelligence - Its Impact on Tomorrow's Society"


Designing Democracy on 'Mars' and 'Earth': Exploring Citizens' Democratic Preferences in a Deliberative and Co-Creative Design (DDME) - ERC Advanced Grant



This image shows Curtis Runstedler

Curtis Runstedler


Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

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Lukas Erhard


Academic staff member

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