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IRIS Research

IRIS Research in collaboration with ZIRIUS
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IRIS Research

The focus of the new IRIS Research Group - in collaboration with ZIRIUS - will be on reflecting on societal impacts of intelligent systems in the broadest sense. Research can be on one of the following topics, however, it will not be limited to simply making intelligent systems more “acceptable” in society.

We are currently in the process of trying to fill this position; therefore, this page is under construction. Thanks for understanding and please check back soon.

Potential Research Topics

  • Ethical and societal challenges of intelligent systems
  • Risks and benefits of automated decision-making in various fields of application
  • Participative/constructive technology assessment (p/cTA)
  • Scenarios analysing contexts and preconditions of the implementation of intelligent systems in society
  • Prerequisites for a socially desirable use of learning systems and autonomous decision support or decision-making
  • Responsible forms of Human-Computer-Interactions
  • Socioecological impacts of digitization
  • Limits and critical aspects of datafication, artificial intelligence, learning systems, and smartification
  • Data economy, assetization, and business models
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