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IRIS Research

Critically reflecting on intelligent systems in politics, economics, education, and society
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IRIS Research

Research in IRIS focuses on the societal impacts of intelligent systems. It connects various research activities from the IRIS members and the Participation and Deliberation Labs (ZIRIUS).

Research Topics in IRIS Include

  • Ethical and societal challenges of intelligent systems
  • Risks and benefits of automated decision-making in various fields of application
  • Participative/constructive technology assessment (p/cTA)
  • Scenarios analysing contexts and preconditions of the implementation of intelligent systems in society
  • Prerequisites for a socially desirable use of learning systems and autonomous decision support or decision-making
  • Responsible forms of Human-Computer-Interactions
  • Socioecological impacts of digitization
  • Limits and critical aspects of datafication, artificial intelligence, learning systems, and smartification

Research projects related to critically reflecting on intelligent systems

Funding: Volkswagen Foundation (funding scheme "Artificial Intelligence - Its Impact on Tomorrow's Society")

Applicants (related to IRIS): Prof. Dr. Jonas Kuhn

Duration: 10/2021 - 09/2025

More Information: Project description

Further Research by IRIS Members

Institute for Modelling and Simulation of Biomechanical Systems

This research focuses on human physical interaction with the environment using digital human body models.

Research Questions:

  • Do these models allow for unbiased and ideology-free decision-making?
  • Do these models enable improved human-centered and barrier-free design of the built environment?

IRIS Members Involved: Prof. Dr. Syn Schmitt

More Information: Research in Computational Biophysics and Biorobotics

Institute for Natural Language Processing

This research focuses on Natural Language Processing applications to support (and understand) deliberative processes (from political discourse to e-deliberation) and the Interpretability (and cognitive plausibility) of Natural Language Processing models.

IRIS Members Involved: Dr. Gabriella Lapesa

More Information: Powering up E-DELIBeration: towards AI-supported moderation

IRIS Research Updates


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