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Dialogue and Knowledge Transfer

In cooperation with the International Center for Cultural and Technological Studies (IZKT). Here you can find information on IRIS events and news.
[Photo: Claudia Höhne/Körber-Siftung]

Welcome to IRIS Public Engagement

IRIS aims to critically reflect on intelligent systems, their foundations, mechanisms, and effects with regard to larger societal contexts. Since the development and use of intelligent systems have the potential to fundamentally change our society, IRIS also seeks to initiate public debates on questions of responsible design of intelligent systems and to provide a forum for dialogue and knowledge transfer between science and society.

Here you can find more details about our diverse, upcoming public engagement activities as well as see what we've offered in the past. IRIS public events and knowledge transfer are supported by IZKT.

This is where knowledge transfer starts!

Getting involved in IRIS

IRIS Public Engagement Coordinator

This image shows Félicie Kohlrausch

Félicie Kohlrausch

Scientific Coordinator

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