This image shows Maluna Menke

Maluna Menke

Student Research Assistant


Universitätsstraße 32
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 00.118

Tom Oberhauser, Tim Bischoff, Karl Brendel, Maluna Menke, Tobias Klatt, Amy Siu, Felix Alexander Gers and Alexander Löser: TrainX - Named Entity Linking with Active Sampling and Bi-Encoders. COLING 2020

Maluna Menke has been a student assistant at IRIS3D since July 2023. She graduated in September 2021 with a Bachelor's degree in Media Informatics from the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (formerly Beuth Hochschule Berlin). She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Data Science at BHT. Besides being a researcher, she also works as a Data Scientist in the field of "Intelligent Energy Systems for Buildings". 

She is very interested in NLP, text mining and ethics in AI, focusing on bias in language models.

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