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Maria Wirzberger is participating in the Virtual symposium "Artificial Intelligence"

December 5, 2023 /

Virtual symposium "Artificial Intelligence" of the Goethe-Institutes in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain
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Junior Professor Dr. Maria Wirzberger, IRIS spokesperson, will give the closing lecture at the virtual symposium "Artificial Intelligence" on December 8, 2023. Under the title "Ethical implications of AI-supported systems for teaching and learning", the focus at the end of an insightful day will be on questions that we need to ask ourselves on the way to competent cooperation between humans and AI in education. The lecture will take place online from 7:45-8:30 pm.

The event language is German. Registration is free and via the registration form

Screenshot from the official event webpage

Link to Virtual symposium "Artificial Intelligence"

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