Between responsible and responsive democratic governance: Imagining intelligent democratic futures in the 21st century

August 31, 2023

University of Stuttgart: Research Workshop

We are excited to announce a workshop on

"Between responsible and responsive democratic governance: Imagining intelligent democratic futures in the 21st century"

hosted by the Department for Political Theory and Empirical Democracy in cooperation with the Interchange Forum for Reflecting on Intelligent Systems (SRF IRIS) at the University of Stuttgart. On September 12th and 13th, this two-day event will bring together eminent scholars from around the world for insightful discussions and exploration of the evolving landscape of citizens’ democratic preferences. The workshop will revolve around three research clusters. 

Research cluster 1 focuses on the theoretical dimension of democratic designs for the 21st century. Delving into diverse conceptions of democracy, this cluster will define core ideals, institutions, and practices of multiple models of democracy, such as representative, deliberative or participatory democracy. The goal is to identify contradictions, overlaps, and trade-offs within and across these models.

Research cluster 2 delves into the empirical measurement of democratic concepts and preferences. Established research tools will be evaluated alongside innovative methods, creating a robust framework for studying democracy. The goal is to contextualize, develop, and improve how researchers have operationalized and measured citizens’ democratic preferences.

Finally, research cluster 3 seeks to untangle the underlying factors behind the heterogeneity in citizens’ preferences for democracy. Public attitudes towards democracy depend on many factors, such as inequality and political cleavages. The goal of this cluster is to determine which sub-groups should be considered when researching democratic preferences and what open questions there are on what unites and divides them. Additionally, the workshop will include collective reflections and brainstorming sessions to enrich the ongoing EERC-funded project "Designing Democracy on Mars and Earth (DDME)," encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration.

Join us at the University of Stuttgart, for a thought-provoking event that fosters dialogue, innovation, and deep insights into the intersection of democracy and citizens' preferences.

The following scholars will come together for the exchange:


Alexander Wuttke, Ludwigs-Maximilian University Munich

Azucena Morán, Helmholtz Centre Potsdam

Camille Bedock, Centre Émile Durkheim Bourdeaux

Chitralekha Basu, University of Cologne

Cristina Lafont, Southwestern University

Daniele Caramani, University of Zurich

Hannah Chapman, University of Oklahoma

Jean-Benoit Pilet, Université Libre Brussels

Marco Steenbergen, University of Zurich

Mark Warren, University of British Columbia

Michael Saward, University of Warwick

Pierre-Etienne Vandamme, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Roberta Astolfi, Free University Berlin

Suthan Krishnarajan, University of Aarhus

University of Stuttgart:

André Bächtiger, University of Stuttgart

Anja Rieker, University of Stuttgart

Franziska Maier, University of Stuttgart

Julien Vrydagh, University of Stuttgart

Vanessa Schwaiger, University of Stuttgart

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