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Application Process
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Application to become a Member of IRIS

Would you like to contribute to IRIS and have the chance to critically reflect on intelligent systems and their implications and effects on society?

We are always interested in expanding our network and gaining insightful feedback from reflective and motivated people. The members of IRIS want to continue stimulating discussions about current issues relating to intelligent systems in all areas, especially regarding research, education, and society. We aim to increase the opportunities for everyone to deliberate on intelligent systems and their effects on society from multiple perspectives.

We have three types of membership in IRIS:

  • Full Members are affiliates of the University of Stuttgart.
  • Associate Members are partners from external institutions.
  • Student Members are university students.

Associate Members and Student Members last one year and can be applied for annually. They may participate in the General Assembly Meeting(s) in an advisory capacity and are exempt from the obligation to report their IRIS-related activities to the IRIS Board of Directors (BoD). Since the DFG funds the SRF IRIS, it is essential to keep a transparent record of the SRF IRIS’s performance by documenting all relevant activities.

Benefits of being a member of IRIS include:

  • Direct invitation to participate in IRIS events as well as activities of the IRIS community, and the yearly IRIS General Assembly Meeting
  • Possibility to learn about and be involved in IRIS research and scientific activities firsthand
  • Suggest proposals for projects and program points in the SRF IRIS
  • Opportunity to contribute to the direction of the SRF IRIS

To apply for membership in IRIS, please fill out the form below, including the reasons why you want to be a member.

Application to become a Member of IRIS

Please fill out this form. Thank you!

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Summary: Your application information will only be used internally by the IRIS members (Board of Directors) and the General Members for the approval process. We will not share any of your data with third parties outside of the IRIS project. Your application data will be stored on the University's server and will be deleted after 6 months.

Information on the data protection officer and responsible person can be found at

Information according to Art. 13 DS-GVO.
1. Purpose

This application for membership form provides a centralized facilitated way to apply for IRIS membership.

2. Recipient

Your message will be sent to the IRIS email address: Your application will be received by the IRIS Coordinator, Sierra Kaiser. Your application will be reviewed by the IRIS Board of Directors for the preliminary decision. Final approval of the application will come from the voting members of the General Assembly.

3. Duration of storage

Your message will be deleted no later than 6 months after receipt of the email.

4. Consequences of submission

The use of this form is voluntary.

5. Your rights

Information about your rights can be found in the University's Privacy Policy.

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