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Reflection of Intelligent Systems in Studies

Offers for critical reflection on intelligent systems and their social impact.
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Diverse offerings for a diverse student body


Critical Reflection in Studies

(Interdisciplinary) Key Qualifications

Please inquire whether the course you are interested in (e.g. an offered FÜSQ) can be credited in your degree program.

Lectures/ Subject-Specific Courses

Whether single lecture, lecture series with different speakers, or a series of lectures by the same speaker - here you will find an interesting selection.


If you are interested in a slightly different format for reflecting on intelligent systems, you are sure to find it here:

Meetings/ Conferences

To get a more diverse perspective on intelligent systems under different focus topics these meetings and conferences provide a suitable option.


To be determined


This image shows Tabea Berberena

Tabea Berberena

Scientific Coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Forum RISING

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