The citizens’ questions for science – Participate!

March 14, 2022

Rector Prof. Ressel and Mayor Mayer invite you to contribute to the pool of ideas in the Science Year 2022
[Picture: Leif Piechowski/Stadt Stuttgart]

The Science Year 2022 is a very special one: For the first time, it’s not about a specific topic. Instead, all citizens are invited to ask their personal questions and make suggestions for potential future fields of study and future research projects.

For this purpose and on the occasion of the birthday of physicist Albert Einstein on March 14 - the international “Ask a Question Day” - First Mayor Fabian Mayer and the Rector of the University of Stuttgart, Prof. Wolfram Ressel, inaugurated a box in the Stuttgart Town Hall in which such questions will be collected.

Mayer and Ressel ask every citizen of Stuttgart: “Get involved – with your questions, you can actively participate in research policy. Ask questions, in digital or in analog form!” 

University press release

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